A New Beginning

A New Beginning

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Journey to a New Beginning

Coming to a crossroads between God's plan and a promising music career, Philip Renner came face to face with what matters most in life. Knowing that he was going down a wrong path, Philip admitted the only thing that mattered to him was music and not God. He turned his face from a chance at stardom and set it like flint on developing an intimate relationship with God.

When Philip began to write music again after three transforming years of spiritual growth, he had a new sound. His lyrics were piercing, resonating a message of hope inspired by his own journey. And Philip's new beginning in the realm of music was literally brought to life in this, his first recorded album, A New Beginning.

A New Beginning combines strong lyrics with a contemporary music blend.

For more information about Philip Renner or his latest music projects, please visit: www.PhilipRenner.com