Healing the Mind and Emotions of the Oppressed (3-Part Audio Series)

Healing the Mind And Emotions Of The Oppressed

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Who Is Controlling You?

Whoever or whatever controls a person’s mind ultimately has the power to dictate the affairs and outcome of that person’s life. Many Christians struggle daily with tormenting thoughts and emotions that cause them continually to feel out of control. In this 3-CD series, Rick Renner will teach you:

  •     Why the enemy wants access to your thoughts
  •     How to recognize the oppression of the enemy
  •     How to allow God’s healing power to work within your mind and emotions
  •     How to get free and stay free from mental and emotional torment

If worry, anxiety, fear, or torment are trying to seize control of your mind and your life, you don’t have to tolerate it for another moment. Learn how to regain control of your life by taking control of your mind so you can enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that Jesus died to provide for you.

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