Seven Messages to the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation (10-Part Audio Series)

Seven Messages to the Seven Churches In the Book of Revelation

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A Present-Tense Message From Jesus Christ to His Church
(10-Message CD Series)

As an old man, the Apostle John was banished to the isle of Patmos. In this unlikely setting, Jesus appeared to John, giving him profound revelation that, although directed to seven churches in Asia of that time, remain applicable to the entire Body of Christ for all time.

7 Messages to the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation
is a classic CD series by Rick Renner. In his characteristically thorough and engaging teaching style, Renner delves deeply into the revelation that Jesus Christ gave to John the Elder, presenting its truths within the cultural and historical context of New Testament times.

As Renner examines each of Jesus' messages, directed both to the pastoral leadership and to the laity of John's day, it becomes startlingly clear that the Head of the Church was speaking a present-tense message for every member of the Body of Christ in every generation.

Titles in this series include:

  •     Protector of Doctrinal Purity
  •     Poor, Persecuted, Faithful
  •     Living Where Satan's Throne Is
  •     A Church in Trouble
  •     Great Reputation, Dead Church, Parts 1 & 2
  •     Church of the Open Door
  •     Wretched, Miserable, Poor, Blind, Naked

The teaching and illustrations contained in this profoundly rich and insightful series will have a strong and lasting impact on the quality of your devotion and obedience to God. It will also positively enhance your understanding of the New Testament and the instruction that Jesus Christ continues to speak to His Church. Particularly for us upon whom the last days have come, these messages hold tremendous relevance and importance.

(10-Message CD Series)