Resisting the Enemy Combo Package (2019)

Resisting the Enemy Combo Package (2019)

Resisting the Enemy Combo Package

Resist the Enemy —
You Have Been Destined To Win!

Do you feel you’re in a fight for your life? Is the enemy attacking your mind with depression, fear, or temptation?

As a Christian – You don’t have to accept it! You can overcome and Resist the Enemy!

In our spiritual battle, the fight is not entirely against flesh and blood but also against unseen spiritual forces. Regardless of what you are facing, Christ has already given you the power and authority to defeat the enemy every day.

In the 2-part CD series, Resisting the Enemy, Rick explains how you can defeat the attacks that the kingdom of darkness tries to wage against your mind. With God-given weapons, and the knowledge of how to use them, you can win the battle for your mind.

You’ll also learn how the devil purposefully bombards your mind in order to dominate your life. But you can overcome by learning how to enforce our victory over Satan: by submitting to God and resisting the enemy.

When you choose to believe God and commit to His word by resisting the lies of the devil, you can and will see your circumstances change!

In this packaged offer, when you order Resisting the Enemy, you’ll also receive the companion book – Spiritual Weapons to Defeat the Enemy. This book gives you a fresh understanding of the armor of God, the spiritual weapons of war, and how you can defeat every lie of the devil and live in victory every day. 

Get these two powerful resources today.