Overcoming Surprise Attacks In Your Life

Overcoming Surprise Attacks In Your Life

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You Can Thwart and Circumvent
Surprise Attacks!

Are you tired of being assaulted by the devil, by events in life, or by negative circumstances?

As long as we live in this world, we will have to deal with attacks that the enemy tries to wage against us. We certainly have more authority and power than the devil, but knowing how to use that authority and power effectively is vital for us to thwart, circumvent, and overcome his strategies against us and against those we love.

In this series, Rick Renner will show you level-headed and powerful spiritual principles that will put you on the winning edge of every attack. With these truths activated in your life, you can put the devil on the run — pushing him back across the line and out of your life!

As long as you let the enemy push you around, he will. But the moment you stand up to him, firm in faith, he will flee. In these lessons, Rick will give you practical steps to resist the devil and drive him out of your territory!

In this series, Rick will show you:

•    How You Can Overcome Any Circumstance
•    How To Fight the Wild Beasts That Attack Your Life
•    How To Take Authority Over Spiritual Turbulence
•    Your Best Defense Against an Attack!

Note: DVD and CD series include a printed Study Guide.
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