The Will of God — The Key to Your Success

The Will of God — The Key to Your Success

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Do you hunger to know
what God wants to do with your life?

To be sure, God has an exact plan for you. As a believer in Christ, that plan is already inside you, in your re-created spirit. Now it needs to connect with your mind so you’ll have the understanding to head in the right direction. In this series, Rick Renner shows you how to make that connection!

Rick shares from his own life how he discovered the will of God; the bumps he encountered along the way; and how God’s power is mightily present for anyone who admits failure and is willing to press onward.

Finding the will of God is exciting! You may meet challenges along the way, but if you’ll remain on track, God will release power, provision, and protection to help you move forward successfully in His plan!

In this book, Rick covers the following topics:

•    Finding the Will of God for Your Life
•    Being at the Right Place at the Right Time
•    When God Finally Launches You, Stay on Track!
•    What Happens When You Veer From the Path
•    Understanding God’s Will Can Be a Process

If you’re seeking to know God’s will for you, this is the perfect study course not only to help you discover it, but also do it.