Why We Need The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Why We Need The Gifts of the Holy Spirit


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You Need the Gifts of the Spirit!

Are you hungry to know and experience more of the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit in your life? God has yet-unknown dimensions of His power and gifts that He has designed to operate in the midst of His people. And you’re about to discover why it’s so important that those supernatural gifts become an ongoing, living reality in you.

Rick skillfully delves into the Word, unfolding a unique and powerful case for the absolute necessity of nine supernatural gifts available through the Holy Spirit.

God has called us to display the beauty of Jesus’ life and power to the world. We need the gifts of His mighty Spirit to fully answer that call. This book will reignite your desire to live in the reality of these gifts that have been yours all along.


Book Details:

  • Author: Rick Renner
  • Book Size: 6" x 9"
  • Page Count: 96 pages