Sparkling Gems From the Greek Electronic Reference Edition (Volume 1)

By Rick Renner

eBook (CD-ROM)
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A Must-Have Tool for Your Computer Reference Library

Rick Renner's best-selling daily devotional Sparkling Gems From the Greek is available as an electronic reference CD-ROM! Now you are only a few clicks away from plunging deep into the priceless treasures of God's eternal Word.

This Electronic Reference Edition is identical to the book by the same title, except the CD-ROM provides what no book could — embedded links to three exhaustive indices. These links offers ultimate ease in cross-referencing scriptures and exploring more than 1,000 Greek word studies. The Electronic Reference Edition allows convenient portability as well.

Make your reference library complete — order Sparkling Gems From the Greek on CD-ROM today!

Note: The e-Reference CD-ROM is formatted to run on Windows Operating Systems only. This CD will not run on a Macintosh computer. This is not an audio product.