The Power of One Word From God

By Rick Renner

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Text: Hebrews 10:23-11:1,3,21

Faith to Change a Generation

How can you measure the impact of one word from God?

With one word from God:
  • Noah saved his family — and the human race — from extinction.
  • Abraham became the father of Isaac, father of faith, and friend of God.
  • Martin Luther broke open the door to the reformation.
One word from God can pluck a life out of obscurity and give that person a significant place in history — if he will stand by the word.

In the archives of Heaven, Hebrews chapter 11's heroes of faith is still being written. Will your life be recorded among its pages?

Greek Words Explained:
  • Kataecho — "hold fast"
  • Homologian — profession/"confession" (alignment)
  • Hupostasis — "substance" (to stand by)
  • Ionis — "world" (specific periods of time in the history of man, such as a decade, that has a concrete beginning and a concrete ending).

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* This message formerly entitled, "Faith to Change Your Generation."