The Holy Spirit and You!

By Rick Renner

(formerly entitled, "The Dynamic Duo")

The Key to Experiencing More of God!

This book carries the key to the mysteries of God, the power of God, the revelation of God's Word, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. It isn’t so much the words I’ve written in this book that will transform you; it’s the One I’ve written about. This book is about the Holy Spirit and His relationship with you….

There’s nothing more miserable and defeating than to be a Christian, sincerely trying to live the Christian life, without really knowing the joy and power of the Holy Spirit. That’s why I have written this book. It is not meant to be a deep, scholarly work. Rather, it is a book designed to lead spiritually hungry people like you into a new place in God, a secret place that He has been waiting for you to find for a long, long time.

— Rick Renner